Crane Services

Equipped with the largest service team in the country, RGM Cranes offers turnkey crane and lifting equipment solutions to our clients.
From our LMI accredited technicians to our coded welders, we have the necessary combined skill to carry out

+ Crane Servicing
+ Onsite Load Testing.
+ Upgrades To Existing Cranes
+ Annual Load Tests
+ BEEE compliant ISO 9001 Standards

These are only a few of our specialised offerings.

Our services

Service inspections

RGM Cranes will keep you on the safe side of the law. We provide comprehensive services for your cranes every 6 months as required by South African laws.

Load testing and certification

Overhead cranes should be load-tested annually as specified by OHS regulations.

RGM Cranes equips you with 200 tons of static, calibrated load weights making us the optimal service provider for your crane load testing requirements.

Crane Upgrades

With over 30 years of industry experience, when crane components are in disrepair or causing downtime, it may be time for an upgrade.

RGM Cranes brings your crane into the 21st century with new components such as electrical control panels, travel drives, and new hoisting parts.

We make our crane upgrades with not only your business operations in mind but statutory regulations and legislation. Enjoy the latest technological advancements in lifting equipment for continued future operations.

Crane Services

RGM Cranes assures you of the best crane support available. We provide reliable around-the-clock standby service. Our team is highly skilled in dealing with breakdowns of lifting equipment. We can diagnose and fix issues ranging from component failures to structural faults.


to optimise your heavy lifting requirements

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