crane wire rope

We stock a wide range of wire ropes for a variety of crane hoists – for safe and reliable lifting in your factory, workshop, warehouse or mine.


Wire ropes for overhead cranes


Wire ropes for overhead cranes have properties that lend themselves to the various different applications for its intended use.

6 x 36 Fibre core

A general engineering rope that lends itself well to lower-capacity cranes because of greater flexibility provided by its nylon or fibre core that bends around smaller rope drums and sheave wheels. Its cousin, the steel core IWRC with same 6 x 36 construction, has a steel core that makes it less elastic than the fibre core, but more resistant to mechanical damage.

8 x 36, 8x 26 and 8 x 19

8 outer strands increases surface area contact with both rope sheave and drum, resulting in higher life expectancy of both rope and equipment. High flexibility due to the increased number of outer wires make this type of rope a very popular hoisting rope.

Compact strand

This wire rope has compacted outer strands that increase the metallic surface area of the rope, increasing lifespan of the wire rope, rope drum and sheave wheel. It also provides much higher breaking loads without sacrificing rope flexibility.

Non-spin or Non-rotating rope

Hoists with high lifting heights and 2/1 reeving require ropes with a non-spin property owing to its susceptibility to over rotation. This rotation results in the unwinding or “bird-caging” of regular wire rope.

Wire rope lays

Overhead crane ropes are either left- or right-hand taking the opposite lay of the thread of the rope drum. If the rope drum lay is a right-hand thread then the rope will be a left-hand lay and vice versa.

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