Installation Of Overhead Cranes & Lifting Equipment For Betterect

RGM Cranes Successfully Installs Overhead Cranes And Heavy Lifting Equipment

RGM Cranes successfully supplied a 30-tonne semi-portal crane and two 10-tonne single girder cranes to Betterect. Betterect is a specialist in mild and stainless-steel fabrication, steel erection and corrosion protection.

The recent purchases stand testimony to the fruitful 20-year relationship between the two companies, which entails the refurbishment of Betterect’s existing cranes, as well as the load testing, servicing and inspection of Betterect’s four cranes every six months and of their lifting tackle every three months.


Technician completing annual load testing on Betterect’s existing cranes.

Installation and Features of the Guralp GMD-40 Single Girder Cranes

The single girder cranes supplied to Betterect are configured with a GMD-40 hoist unit and a Guralp pivoting end carriage. The GMD hoist unit has a number of features that ensure durability and longevity, including a monitoring system that records amongst others:

  • The working time of the unit
  • The average load lifted and total safe working time
  • Complete operation numbers when the hook is loaded.

The wheels on the pivoting end carriages are manufactured from GGG70 sphero casting to provide high levels of tensile strength and abrasion resistance. The pivoting pin assists in preventing any premature long travel wheel wear as a result of gantry/rail misalignment.

Other Beneficial Features of the Guralp GMD 40 Hoist Unit Include

  • A Guralp electronic braking system, achieving one million cycles before an adjustment is required.
  • Guralp rope guides, which are hard-wearing, easy to remove and replace, and are cost-effective.
  • Overload sensor and hoist limit switch for enhanced safety.
  • Hoist motor/gearbox which has high-precision, long-wearing helical gears; high start and stall torque; PTC thermistor overheat protection.
  • IP55 and IP65 Protection Class panels.
  • Soft start and stop with PLC and variable speed drive control.


More About Our Custom Crane Solution For Betterect

Betterect has extensive experience in the fabrication and installation of structural steel, plate work, mechanical equipment, and piping. The company has broad installation capabilities and often installs free-issue equipment and steelworks on large projects. Its operations produce 650 tonnes of steel/plate work per month with the existing setup and, if required, there is space and ability to increase this to 750 tonnes per month for specific projects. Betterect relies on suppliers like RGM Cranes to provide it with custom crane solutions that enable the company to guarantee these capacities to its customers.

The two 10-tonne single girder overhead cranes have been installed in the expanded workshop area and will be used to lift various items for the erection of semi-assembled or fully-assembled tanks and skids.

RGM Cranes installation team completing final rigging on 10-ton single girder crane during installation.

“The service we received from RGM Cranes from the inquiry stage through to execution of the installation was extremely professional. We feel confident in any solution they advise us on as they have an intimate knowledge of our specific needs and the team is highly experienced in matching best-practice technology to the required application” – Francois Herbst, project manager at Betterect.

As reported by Herbst, the quality and performance of RGM Cranes’ equipment is of such an exceptionally high standard that Betterect’s uptime on lifts is efficiently maximised. Not only are the cranes characterised by high-performance levels, but they also focus heavily on safety in design and operation, which is a critical factor for operations where heavy lifts happen in populated workshop areas.


RGM Cranes provides full advisory service on fit-for-purpose lifting solutions for a number of industries. Managing Director of RGM Cranes Alex Dowling says: “We have amassed a wealth of experience and expertise in our 30 years of operation and we invite potential customers to put our team to the test.”

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